Features on Sprayers

Handspuite / Koppelstukke

(on the back of each sprayer there is a handgun adapter, your sprayer can therefore also be used as fire truck) 

Handwash Tank

This is a separate tank which hosts clean water for the farmer to wash hands whilst in the orchard. (Available on CS2000 & CS3000)

The Parking Jack

The Parking Jack can hold up to 3ton but can also be removed from your sprayer completely. (It's fitted on all our sprayers)

Tower Extension

We offer n extension you can add at the top of your sprayer incase of having very high trees. 



  • 220L Tenk Sprayer
  • 25Lt  Pump capacity
  • High pressure Pumps
  • Implement tyres “13-155” with 900kh axles
  • Plastic tank
  • Fully galvanised chassis
  • No Fan
  • Low kW tractor required
  • 1 Adjustable nozzles
  • Ideal for Weed control in crops

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